Filing Cabinet with 401k FolderThe primary way most employees save for their retirement is through a 401k or a 403b. Being an independent adviser I am able to provide employers the most robust platform. With the best providers and record keepers we make it easy to set up and maintain while keeping it most cost effective as possible. The employees can avail themselves of education sessions and advice as a group or individually at a mutually convenient time. We can offer the company plan a vast array of funds to suit any investors needs tailored to their individual situation.

Someone in the company must act as a fiduciary to the plan. As the advisor I act as fiduciary to all plan members and help maintain the highest level of responsibility. I work with the employer to help insure that compliance is adhered to Department Of Labor guidelines. This is very important to do because the department has become more proactive in enforcing the law particularly regarding pension plans.

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