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The Evergrande Effect, Hong Kong & The Move Toward Maoism In The PRC

— Keenan PWM Blog Post — 1) Will this be the Lehman Brothers of China and resultant contagion worldwide? 2) How does this effect the property sectors in Mainland China and Hong Kong? 3) What is the short term and long-term effect of the “Socialization” of China’s Industries? — 1A) An answer to the first… Read more »

The Dilemma of China’s Political Future

China has been experiencing a rash of internal and external challenges. At first the challenges have been manageable but now we can see that these issues are affecting the future of China Inc. Most certainly in the short term but now it seems China is making a fundamental shift to what I think is an… Read more »

Hong Kong Turmoil

Sudan For a few minutes, it looked as though there was a chance for Sudan to transition from one of the world’s worst trouble spots to a democratic government. Long term leader Omar al-Bashir was forced from office, his piles of loot seized, and a transitional council set up. But two months later, it is… Read more »

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