Manhattan Financial Planning ServicesThe needs and wants of each client are always different. That is why we take a customized approach with every client at Keenan Private Wealth Management Inc. The first step is to assess the situation in the client’s expenses, income, and assets.

Although the numbers revealed in our analysis can tell us a lot, we don’t end there. It’s also important to understand the subjective aspects of your wealth. What is most important to you when it comes to deciding what to do with your money? It may just be dollars and cents, but we need to get a clear perception as far as where to put this money.

Education, real estate, a business, an important charity – it all comes down to the choices you make now to allocate your assets in the most efficient and directed way. This will determine your future scenario, and how you build it is important.

Eight Dimensions of WealthFinancial planning can be addressed from many different angles. If we look at the map of The Eight Dimensions of Wealth the parts are very well defined.  Tax planning, estate planning, risk management, debt and legacy can all be addressed individually or as a comprehensive plan.

The other two areas are portfolio management include dealing with marketable securities and individual, trust or retirement plan and corporate accounts. Asset management could be real estate, art, or collectibles.

Whatever your financial landscape, we can focus on those areas most important to you or we can custom fit different parts into your custom-made financial plan.