At Keenan Private Wealth Management Inc., we provide customized service plans to meet your individual or company’s needs.

They are divided into three main areas:

Financial Planning
Financial Planning can involve involve all aspects of your financial picture.  From debt to taxes and assets, there is always room to improve what you have and insure good plans for the future.

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning should start early in your working life. Even if that was not done or wasn’t possible we can help you strategize so retirement will not be a burden later in life. We can make sure your retirement is a truly enjoyable experience.

Investment Management
This process starts as soon as you have accumulated any significant assets. Then once a  Investment Policy Statement is set,  monitoring that process continues on to insure we are achieving the best risk adjusted return.

I suggest that we sit down and chart out a plan that suits your needs and specifications, click to contact us today.